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SME Fastlane aims to help small and medium-sized companies to start their digital marketing journey, particularly on Google Search marketing.

From our experience, here are 3 major problems faced by Malaysia SME businesses & small local businesses:

  • Dues to the overwhelming of online marketing strategies, many business owners are confused and had no idea where to get started.
  • Some pick the ineffective marketing platform to promote their products & services and end up with a poor result. Each type of marketing platform has its pros and cons.
  • Some find the right marketing platform but don’t have enough budget to appoint an agency. But, when trying to do it by themselves, they have no idea where to get the right guidance.

If you are facing one of the problems above, we may able to help.

There are 2 popular marketing platforms in Malaysia, Google and Facebook.

If you are doing with well Facebook marketing, keep doing it!

But if you didn’t get the expected result, you should take a look at Google marketing.

First, you can checkout this blog post to find out if Google search marketing is the right fit for your business.

If yes, you can check out further on our free training on Google Ads:

Who Are We

SME Fastlane founded by Adam Yong, who has more than 10 years of experience in SEO and Google Ads marketing. He is leading 2 other marketing agencies specializing in SEO and Good Ads: adam-seo.com & xpios.com.

At here, we provide information and training for SME business owners to 10X their revenue with Google search marketing.

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