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Here is the truth about Google Search marketing:

Everyone is focusing on driving more visitors to their website.

Many businessmen believe getting more visitors from Google Ads and SEO marketing is the key to more sales.

This works up to only a certain point because following only this strategy will leave a lot of money on the table in the long run.

If you are serious in fully taking advantage of the power of Google Search marketing, you need to start rethinking your strategies starting from keywords selection, CTR optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and re-engaging with your customers.

Otherwise, you may be one of the many businesses that get a monthly report showing an X number of visitors landed your website, but your revenue figure stays flat for that same period.

Keep reading to learn how one local travel business takes their business to the next level using the right Google Search marketing blueprint.

Our Partner

Before we dive in, here are our partner’s stats before we started guiding them.

We guided them to increase their monthly visitors (Google Ads & SEO organic traffic) by 400%, from 8000 visitors over 23,000 visitors.

The figure below is the online revenue generated by our partner before we worked with them.

The figure below shows the growth in revenue from an average of RM80,000/month to RM307,000/month, a 283% revenue increase within 10 months.

Over the 13 months, they spent about RM 300,000 on Google Ads and generated 2,840 high-ticket sales worth 7 figures.

How Did They Do It?

We guide them implemented the 4-Stages Google Search marketing strategies which target the right traffic, conversion rate optimisation, make use of social proof & re-engages interested visitors to generate more sales.

We followed 4 simple stages to help our partner (Partner name will be masked due to privacy rules)

Stage 1: Business & Keywords Analysis

Every Google search campaign must start by choosing the right keywords,

Understand a customer’s goal, core product/services, buyers need and perform a keyword analysis which will be used in Google Ads and SEO marketing.

I am not going to explain how to find the right keywords here as I have another post here describe the same thing.

For their case, keyword analysis also helps them explore new business opportunities

  • By doing the right keyword analysis, our partner expands its market to other locations.
  • They started in Penang. Based on the keyword analysis; there found the potential markets in other locations such as Langkawi Island and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Then, they create new subsites specifically targeting these respective locations (Note: they also set up a physical business in those locations).
  • This helped them bring in an additional source of revenue from different locations.

Stage 2: Conversion Rate Optimisation

Revamp the entire website with our optimisation methods but still maintaining an SEO friendly page.

Do not confuse a beautiful website and a website optimised for conversion.

It is a huge topic when it comes to conversion optimisation ranging from the fundamentals of your sites content to the more complex A/B testing for each website element.

Here is what was being done:

  • Revamp existing custom build website to a WordPress CMS theme site.
  • Rewrite the content/sales copy of the website to focus on end-users.
  • Display proof of social interaction & customer testimonials to build trust.
  • Implement meta tag and the Schema Markup optimisation to improve Click-Through-Rates.

I have another post sharing the fundamental optimisation can be done by any business owner.

Stage 3: Dominate Search Result

We help to optimise their Google Ads campaign and use high-quality SEO ranking strategies to gain multiple spots on page 1 of Google search results. This result increase in organic traffic and lower cost of getting sales from Google Ads.

As everyone knows, there are 3 types of Google search results when someone hits enter to inquire about something on the search engine.

The higher position website usually has the highest traffic.

Google Ads will be one of the primary sources to drive traffic as it can show their ads in Google Ads & map result.

SEO organic traffic also plays an essential role some users prefer not to click the ads.

Google search traffic is one the best traffic sources for visitors who need a last push to make their purchase. These are hot leads who are ready to spend their money.

With the right traffic, website conversion optimisation, social proof and a great offer, our partner able to increase their revenue significantly.

Stage 4: Remarketing Ads

Re-engaging potential customers who didn’t purchase to come back and buy the improved offer.

Let’s face it. No matter how good your website and your offer is, you will never be able to convert all your visitors to become your customers.

The fact is 95-98% of your visitors may not even make any purchase during their first visit. Only 2%-5% visitors become your customers.

It may be due to the person checking your website is on the move.

Or someone is disturbing him/her due to an emergency issue.

Or their kids are calling them for help.

Or they do not trust you enough to make a purchase.

It can just be any reason that keeps them from completing an action on your site.

But this doesn’t mean that they are not interested in your offer. It is usually just not the right timing, or they need more interaction to make the decision.

By remarketing ads, we remind those users to come back and complete the action.

You can either use Google retargeting ads (GDN) or Facebook remarketing ads to do this.

For us, we favour Facebook remarketing because we believe that when someone is free to hang out on Facebook, that is the best time to remind them about the offer.

Check out what we got our client by using simple Facebook Remarketing ads.

  • We spent a total of RM 10,710 over a period of 13 months (average RM823/month).
  • There are total 1448 additional purchases (average 111 purchases/month) generated from the remarketing ads.
  • Each purchase was worth an average of RM 350.
  • We only spent RM 7.40 to get an additional RM350 of sales.
  • Additional monthly sales of RM 38,850 were generated from remarketing ads.
  • That’s a 4720% ROI on just Facebook remarking ads spending.

If we do not use remarketing ads, the client may lose over RM30,000 every month.

By using remarketing ads, it can increase your brand’s visibility. People see your brand more often and will trust your business.

Key Takeaways

Just imagine:

  1. What if you start a Google search marketing campaign without choosing the right keywords. They are either too competitive, have low relevancy, or with low monthly searches.
    • You are not getting enough targeted visitors.
    • You are getting visitors that don’t make any purchase.
    • Your ads expenses increase.
  2. You start Google search marketing campaign without making sure you have a website that looks good and has a high conversion rate which means you get more actual customers from your traffic.
    • You are wasting the expensive traffic generated from your Google Ads & SEO marketing.
  3. You start your Google search marketing without re-engaging with your visitors who are not buying and just leave your website. Remember, the standard conversion rate is only at 2-5% for buyers who purchase on their first visit.
    • You are leaving 95% visitors away.

Obviously, you are either getting low ROI or even the worse, a failed Google search campaign.

What if you can:

  • Increase the targeted traffic without spending a big budget.
  • Decrease the cost per clicks in your Google Ads.
  • Increase your website’s average conversion from 5% to 10% on their first visit.
  • Re-engage with past visitors and reintroduce your offer with a penny of money.

Do you think it will result in a higher ROI and more sales for your business?

This is exactly why the 4-Stages Google search marketing blueprint that helps our partner get the massive upswing in sales.

Bottom of Form

If you are planning to launch your Google Search marketing campaign, make sure you implement all the 4 steps (Analysis, Conversion Optimisation, Dominate Search Result, Remarketing) to maximise the ROI for your campaign.

And if you are serious about your business and looking to up your revenue by 5 or 10 times, check out our free training here.

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