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What is Google Ads Fastlane?

Help you to launch your first Google Ads Marketing to 10X your business revenue

This is an online course, Step by Step guide to help you to launch Google Ads marketing in the shortest time. Answer to all your doubts.

Step by Step Course Overview

I started in Google Search Marketing since 2010 and leading 2 other marketing agencies specialize in SEO marketing and Google Ads. We managed clients with ads budget ranging from few hundreds till RM 25,000 per month. This gives us a lot of data and learns a lot of mistakes while using Google Ads. I hope this course will help you to avoid those mistakes and launch your google ads within the shortest time possible.

Course Coach - Adam Yong
10 Years in Search Marketing

How to attend [Google Ads Fastlane] Course?

[Google Ads Fastlane] is an online course includes:

  • Step by Step videos
  • Important note & references
  • Student Discussion
  • One-to-One 3o mins online coaching
  • Free WIX website template

Should You Manage My Google Ads or Appoint an Agency?

I recommend you or your staff should manage your google ads by yourself.

Besides saving the extra fees charged by the ad agency, you also own the data gathering in your ads campaign, which is essential to your business.

Why is the data valuable for you?

Assuming you have run Google ads for years. Over the year, the campaign should gather a lot of data:

  • It shows what keywords bring the most sales and what are the bad keywords.
  • It shows what ad’s message brings more traction at a lower cost.
  • It shows what the best time to bring leads at a lower cost is.
  • It shows what location and device bring more leads or sales.
  • And the list can go on more…

If you don’t own & lost the data, you would need to spend time and money start over again to launch effective ads.

Reviews About the Course

Easy to follow. Google Ads made easy now. The 1-to-1 couching is helpful!

Maggie Tan

All the while, I thought only the IT expert could manage Google Ads. Now, I can do it myself too.

John Lim

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