[Ultimate Guide] How To Use Google Ads  to Get More Sales

(For Non-IT Business Owners)

This is a full lesson that helps you quickly set up your Google Ads Campaign without involving much technical skill.

Yes, Google Ads is powerful and not simple in general. But you don’t need to know everything to get started on your first ads campaign.

We summarize and only share the necessary steps to help you quickly learn and master Google Ads.

How can Google Ads help you?

  • You get warm/hot leads which means you can close the sale easier and faster.
  • You don’t need to launch new ads campaign every days or week, which means you can have more time to manage your business or rest at home. Google ads campaign works well for years without much maintenance.
  • You don’t need to crack your head to find images for your ads. Google Ads is text-based, which mean less work for you to setup & test your ads.
  • You can start or pause your ads campaign any time without affecting the performance of the ads.
  • You only pay the ads when someone clicks your ads and not pay by impression, which means you only pay what you get.

Case Study: Custom-Made Furniture Business

Spent RM 8 per day and get 26 leads for which their average sales start from RM10,000 onwards.

Google Ads campaign set up once and run well for years without much maintenance. No need to setup & tests new ad campaigns every week. 

Adam Yong

10 Years in Search Marketing

This guide summarizes my 5 years of experience in Google Ads for SME businesses, which saving tons of your time to find study material online. 

Lesson 1: How To Make Google Ads Works Effectively For Your Businesses

  • How Google Ads Bring Sales to Your Business
  • 3 Key Components Impacts the Effectiveness of Google Ads
    • The right keywords
    • An Optimize website/landing page
    • The right ad's message

Lesson 2: How To Find The Right Google Ads Keywords For Local Businesses

  • Right Keywords Reduce Cost and Increase Sales
  • 4 Easy Ways To Get Your Idea Keywords

Lesson 3: How To Create Your Landing Page That Brings More Sales From Ads

  • What is a Landing Page?
  • Should I Use A Landing Page Instead of Website in My Ads?
  • Type of Website/Landing Page
  • The Important of An Optimize Landing Page
  • 5 Basic Tweaks to Optimize Your Website to Get More Sales

Lesson 4: How to Setup Google Ads Campaign for Local Businesses

  • The Truth About Google Ads
  • Overview of Google Ads Campaign
  • Setting Up Google Ads for Local Businesses
    • Setting Up Campaign, Ad Group, Ads & Extension

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