[Ultimate Guide] Google Ads for Non-IT Business Owners

Lesson 1: How To Make Google Ads Works Effectively For Your Businesses

Let's start with understanding how Google Ads works.

How Google Ads Bring Sales to Your Business

  1. User Search for Answer in Google
    • User has a need and enters a keyword to find an answer in Google.
  2. Google display search result & your ads according to the query or keyword
    • You bid a price on these keywords so that your ads will show on top of the search result. E.g. RM 5 per click.
    • Your competitor may bid a price for the same keywords.
    • Whoever bids the highest price, his/her ads will be shown first on top position.
    • If they are many competitors and you are bidding too low, your ads may not show.
    • Bidding price range is highly depending on the niche and competition.
  3. User clicks on your ads to visit your website
    • How you set up your ad's message may impact the number of clicks to your site.
    • Your website should optimize and display all the necessary information to convince user you're the best choice.
  4. User contact you
    • If the user feels that you are the right person, they will contact you.
    • Your website should provide the simplest way to let user contact you.

This is what's mean by search intent marketing strategy. This type of people is actively searching for a solution, product or service to fulfil their needs.

The search intent is strong, and we often consider them as warm/hot leads (leads refer to visitors indicate interest in becoming your customer).

3 Key Components Impacts the Effectiveness of Google Ads

To make you are profitable using google ads, you need the pay attention to the 3 components below.

#1 - Targeting the right keywords

To learn how to target the right keywords, let's understand the 3 buyer stages.

Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is the stage where the user started looking out for more information about their problems and needs. The search terms will be surrounding at how to, troubleshoot, risk, etc.

These users are not ready to buy yet. Once they understand more on their problem, they will move on to the consideration stage. Some may directly jump to the decision stage.

Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is where users are actively looking for services & products to solve their problem.

Decision Stage

The decision stage is where users are starting to do the comparison, checking the price and review.

Users in consideration and decision stage are ready to spend their money. There are consider war/hot leads in these stages.

Thus, it is essential to focus on keywords in consideration & decision stage in your ads campaign.

This can ensure you spend your money to the right audience, maximize the potential revenue and increase the ROI (Return-Of-Investment).

#2 - Setting up the conversion optimize website or landing page

This is where you tell your visitors about your products & services.

  • How can you help them solve their problem?
  • What are the benefits of your offer?
  • Why should they choose you instead of others?
  • Do you put the right headline & message?
  • Are your page looks in mobile devices?

All these little things will make a significant impact on sales and how profitable your ads campaign.

Ideally, our website should able to turn the same number of visitors into paying customers as many as possible.

We shall share more on this in later training.

#3 - Crafting the right ad's message

For Google Search Ads, the text message is the only element you can put in your ads.  How you craft your message will affect the number of people click on your ads.

If you have a good ad receive a good response from searchers, your cost per click may eventually reduce over a long period.

This is because Google understands that you have a great relevant ad which receives a good response from their audience. They will reward you with lower cost as it fulfils the users need.

One the other hand, if your ads are not well written and confusing, you may end up getting no visitor or wrong audience which waste most of your ad expenses.

Thus, it is important to learn how to craft your ad message to make sure your ads work well to bring in more sales.

Key Takeaways

Now, you should have a better idea of how Google Ads works and what is the thing need to pay attention when setting up your Google ads campaign.

Let's move on to the next lesson.

Lesson 2: How To Find The Right Google Ads Keywords For Local Businesses

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