[Ultimate Guide] Google Ads for Non-IT Business Owners

Lesson 3: How To Create Your Landing Page That Brings More Sales From Ads

Everyone knows what a website is. But do you know what is a landing page and how it differs from a website?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a particular page designed with one goal, which encourages the visitor to take a specific action. The actions include filling in a form, making a purchase or a phone call.

A good landing page usually does not have a top menu like the typical website.

The message (copywriting) in the landing page is usually well written like a salesperson talking to the visitor and slowly move them to take a specific action.

And it often uses to sell a non-typical product or service that require a lot of explanation on its benefits and how it can help the customer.

On the other hand, a website usually consists of various type of information introducing the company, products and services.

Should I Use A Landing Page Instead of Website in My Ads?

For local businesses, it doesn’t matter that much because most local businesses sell typical products or services. It doesn’t need special long-form message to convert a visitor to a buying customer.

For example, if you are searching for a roofing contractor, you would never read a website with 2000 words of content.

But imaging if you are selling some kinds of new supplement or a new product that nobody knows. In that case, you may need a long-form content on a landing page to convince your visitor about your products.

Personally, it is totally fine, if you use your website in your ads as long as it contains few essential elements to improve the conversion (a process to increase the chance of turning a visitor into paying customer).

So, if you already have a website? Just make few tweaks (more on this later), and you are ready to go.

Type of Website/Landing Page

If you are planning to invest in paid ads, here are the typical options when you come to creating your website/landing page:

  • Facebook Page – I see many advertisers using a Facebook page as the landing page.
  • WIX – A online website builder that allows the non-IT savvy person to create a new website easily.
  • WordPress – A popular content management system use to design a website or landing page. (Hosted by yourself and not the free site from wordpress.com) 

Here is a quick comparison


Facebook Page


WordPress CMS



Free or Paid
(From $8.50/month)

Only Hosting Fee

(Require Web Designer)

Easy to Create




Time to Complete

Fast within hours

Few days or week


Track Sales from Ads

(Conversion Tracking)




I don’t recommend Facebook page as you can’t track the sales from ads. It also doesn’t look professional and not meant for closing a deal. It will be an excellent supplement to your website to increase the trustworthy of your company.

WIX and WordPress is a good option. If you get a web design company to build your website, you mostly end up with either using WordPress or WIX.

Personally, I would prefer to use WordPress because of its flexibility and more SEO friendly. Performance is another concern where WIX website is hosted in the US. The performance is slower compared to hosting a website locally.

But if you don’t have any website and would like to create the website or landing page by yourself, WIX is a good option as it is easy to use.

The Important of An Optimize Landing Page

Nevertheless, a website or landing page should always consist of a few important elements to ensure you are not wasting your ads expense.

For example, you spend RM 200 to drive 100 visitors to your poorly optimized website. You get 2 sales. This means that you have 2% conversion rate, and the cost to acquire each sale (cost per conversion) is RM 100.

What if you fine-tune your website to turn 5 visitors to become your paying customer with the same amount of ad expenses? This means that you have 5% conversion rate, and the cost per conversion is RM 40.

Do you see how it can impact your business revenue?

With a lower cost per conversion, you are more willing to invest more money into the ads to get more sales.

5 Basic Tweaks to Optimize Your Website to Get More Sales

#1 – Clear Headline

A great headline should always clearly show what you do. For local businesses, you don’t need to do too much fancy wordings or writing style.

Just keep it simple and try to show how your product & service can benefit the visitor. If possible, include some “number” into your headline as it is easy to read naturally.

For example:

  • Top Roof Leaking Specialist in Penang with 90 Days Warranty.
  • Top Custom-Made & Built-in Cabinets in Kuala Lumpur Since 2010.
  • Professional Plumbing Services Contractor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2015

#2 - Obvious Call-To-Action

A clear Call-To-Action must show above the fold, usually under the headline. A good Call-To-Action can be a Free Consultation, Free Checking, Exclusive Offer, etc.

#3 – A Good Image or video.

A good image should describe your products & services clearly. I recommend you take the real photo of your products & services. This proven can help to increase the conversion rate and get more sales.

If you have difficulty to get the real photo, you still get some professional image from here:

#4 – Show Benefits in Bullet Point

Most people are busy and never read through each line of your content.

They often scan through the headline, subheading, testimonials & images. Bullet point form content will be a good option to pass the message to your visitors quickly.

When preparing your bullet point, never list your product & services features only.

Visitors are looking for a solution or benefits to fulfil their needs.

I recommend to list down the benefits and how it can help them solve their problem.

Example of bad bullet points:

  • Follow up services
  • Workmanship warranty
  • 5 years of experience
  • Company started since 2005
  • High-quality CCTV resolution

Example of good bullet points:

  • Guarantee follow up services within 7 days which means you are worry-free in case bad thing happens.
  • Workmanship warranty up to 90 days so that you don’t need to spend money again for the same service within this period.
  • Our contractor has more than 5 years of experience which means we never send a newbie to you!
  • We started since 2005 and delivered 102 projects on time, which means your project can be completed on time too!
  • CCTV resolution with Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels so that you can capture the most precise images.

The formula for good bullet point form content is:

  • Features + Benefits
  • Features + Benefits + Meaning

Noticed, we also can add more “number” into the list to make it specific and easy to read.

#5 - Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly

There are more than 50% of the users are using a mobile device to search in Malaysia.

For businesses with emergency services such as plumber and locksmith, the mobile search is close to 80% compare to searches from desktop/laptop.

That is why your website must look good in all mobile devices.

Test it out and fix every little thing to make sure it looks good and easy to use in mobile devices.

Key Takeaways

As of this stage, you should have significant fundamental on how to prepare a good landing page for your ads.

There are also more advanced optimization strategies such as social proof & testimonials, but the above 5 basic tweaks should able to get you started in the right direction.

Let’s move on to the next lesson to complete this training.

Lesson 4: How to Setup Google Ads Campaign for Local Businesses

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